The Masters Recap

If you didn’t get a chance to swing by, you missed out.  Not only was the back 9 stretch at the 2011 Masters one of the most exciting in years, the group who convened at the While Buffalo Club had a blast.  Chef Will set up a bloody mary bar that I think every one of the 17 people in attendance enjoyed at least once.  Rhett Bain was the only attendee shamed for not wearing a jacket (shaaaaame!).

The raffle was a big hit, and the Round of 4 at JH Golf & Tennis donated by Levi Thorn was the marquee prize.  There were a few bottles of wine, whiskey, and vodka, and a few gift certificates too.  All in all, everyone won something fun.

Brian Sigfried was the winner of multiple contests, taking home the top prize in the Masters Foursomes Pool, and winning a Free Night in a Fireplace Suite at the White Buffalo Club for sinking the most consecutive putts in the mini-golf challenge.  John Morgan & Garth Gillespie cleaned up the remaining winnings in the Foursomes Pool, and Craig Morris won the Poker tournament.

Thanks to everyone who attended (Rob Nelson, Will Gahagan, Tom Fay, Brian Siegfried, Garth Gillespie, James Powell, Amy Haynesworth, Paul Boice, Rhett Bain, Craig Morris, Cornelius Kinsey, Jenny Collins, Dirk Collins, Tim Pogue, Stephanie Pogue, Levi Thorn, and John Morgan).  Please encourage all of your buddies to join us at the next Sunday Ball event.

Sunday Ball – US OPEN – June, 19th


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