The United States Open

Welcome To Sunday Ball!

The second major of the year is almost here, and Sunday Ballers are getting

psyched for another dramatic Sunday afternoon of golf.  US Open Sunday is Father’s Day, June 19th, and of course you are welcome to bring your family to the White Buffalo Club for the fun.  Personally, my family will be out-of-town, so I’ll choose to celebrate Father’s Day like the Germans do.

Don Cherry - Honorary Sunday Baller

Sunday Ball – The United States Open
June 19th: 12 n – 5 pm(ish)
White Buffalo Club
160 West Gill Ave.

Becoming a member of Sunday Ball is easy.  There are only two rules:

  1. Jacket Required:Every gentleman must wear a sport coat.  Wear whatever else you want (jeans, shorts, hula skirt), but you must wear a jacket.  There is no dress code for women.
  2. Raffle Item Required: During each commercial break, we will raffle off prizes that each member of the League brings to Sunday Ball.  This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business.  Raffle off something from your company, like a gift certificate, and get some free promo.  Suggested raffle items should be in the $25 range.  Since everyone donates a prize, everyone wins something too (kids don’t need to bring a prize).

Jacket required. Pants optional.

That’s it. It is that easy to be included in Sunday Ball and have the opportunity to get together with fellow hackers and duffers on the most revered Sunday in golf.  The White Buffalo Club will have a cash bar set up, and the kitchen will be open to order off the menu.

If you are interested in joining Sunday Ball, please RSVP to John Morgan at

And mark your calendar for future Sunday Ball Events:

  • The Open Championship, Sunday, July, 17, 2011
  • The PGA Championship, Sunday, August, 14, 2011

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