Masters Final Round Party!

Keegan Bradley’s First Masters Appearance!

After a long snowy winter in the Tetons, The Masters golf tournament offers us all a glimmer of promise that spring is on its way.  There is no better way to endure a cold rainy mud season Sunday than getting together with friends to watch the Final Round of golf’s first Major Championship of the year!  Enjoy a couple of beers, the company of friends, and maybe even a little gambling.

The Masters Final Round Party

John Daly's Sunday Ball Style

April 8th: 12 n – 5 pm(ish)
White Buffalo Club
160 West Gill Ave.

There are 2 very important rules for this party:

  1. Jacket Required: In the tradition of The Masters “Green Jacket” every gentleman must wear a sport coat.  Wear whatever else you want (jeans, shorts, hula skirt), but you must wear a jacket.  There is no dress code for women.
  2. Raffle Item Required: During each commercial break, we will raffle off prizes that each member of the League brings to Sunday Ball.  This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business.  Raffle off something from your company, like a gift certificate, and get some free promo.  Suggested raffle items should be in the $25 range.  Since everyone donates a prize, everyone wins something too.  If you show up without a raffle item, you will not be admitted.  Seriously.

Come enjoy the final round of The Masters with golf enthusiasts from around the valley.  We have a full day of events lined up including:

  • Putting Contest
  • Poker Tournament
  • Masters Foursomes Pool
  • Whiskey Tasting with the Bomb Sommelier
  • Drink Specials
  • Cigar Discounts
  • Pizza Specials from Pinky G’s

If you are interested in attending the party, please RSVP to John Morgan at


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