A Friendly Wager

2011 Masters Champion - Charl Schwartzel

Masters Foursomes Pool

If you are interested in making the tournament a little more interesting with a bit of a wager, this is the game for you.  It is really easy.

  1. Pick your ultimate Masters foursome of players from the 2012 Masters FieldHere’s the twist: only ONE of the golfers you select for your foursome can be from the Top 10 in the World Golf Ranking.   Foursomes must be entered before 5:00 am MT, Thursday, April 5, 2012 (before the tournament starts).
  2. The fee to play is $10 per foursome.  Entry forms can be picked up at the White Buffalo Club.  You may also request an entry by email from jmorgan@dialoguesales.com.
  3. The foursome with the lowest combined shot total at the end of the tournament wins HALF of the cash pot.
  4. ¼ of the cash pot will be awarded to the foursome that includes the Top 10 finisher with the lowest rank in the World Golf Rankings.   The tie breaker for multiple foursomes with the lowest ranked Top 10 finisher is the total combined score for the foursome.
  5. 1/4 of the proceeds from this pool will be donated as a fundraiser for Teton Toastmasters, our local chapter of Toastmasters International.  Toastmasters is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping men and women develop their leadership and communication skills.
  6. If any of the golfers in your foursome fail to make the cut for weekend play, their scores from the first two rounds will be doubled to determine their tournament total.

ENTRIES DUE BY 5 AM, THU. , April 5, 2012

Entries must be dropped off at the White Buffalo Club or sent to jmorgan@dialoguesales.com prior to 5 am MT on Thursday, April 5th to compete.  The arrival time stamp on the email message will be the sole clock used to determine the validity of entries.

All entries must include:

  • The first and last name of the 4 golfers you pick for your foursome
  • Your name
  • Your cell phone number
  • The Team Name for your foursome (optional)

Poker Tournament

The White Buffalo Club will have a poker table available for this event.  Tournament rules & game will be determined at the event, and will be determined by the number of people  who express interest in playing.

Putting Contest
How many  putts can you make in a row?  How about after 3 bloody marys????  Bring your A-Game, because the White Buffalo Club is hosting a putting contest during Sunday Ball, complete with prizes for the best putters.


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