Q: Are women welcome at The Masters Party?

A: YES!  Like many other organizations with “fraternity” in their titles, Sunday Ball welcomes both men and women for membership.

Q:  I am not a member of the White Buffalo Club.  Can I still attend the party?

A:  YES!  This party has been organized by a member of the White Buffalo Club, and you will be welcomed to the club as a guest of John Morgan..

Q:  Will food be available at Sunday Ball?

A:  YES, sort of.  While the kitchen at the White Buffalo Club will be closed for the off season, so Tom Fay from Pinky G’s Pizza will have slices for sale at the event.

Q: Will cocktails and soft drinks be available for purchase at the party?

A:  YES! absolutely.  The White Buffalo Club has graciously offered to provide a bartender for this special event, and a full bar will be available.

Q: Do I really need to bring a raffle prize?

A:  YES!  Not only does the raffle add more excitement to the event, it also offers and opportunity to promote your business.  If you arrive at Sunday Ball without a prize, envelopes will be available to donate a “cash prize” in the minimum amount of $25.

Q: Do I really need to wear a jacket/sport coat?

A:  YES! The two rules for this party are pretty minor commitments.  Your sport coat doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  This isn’t a fashion show.  If you cannot see the fun in the dress code, perhaps you don’t have the right kind of attitude to truly enjoy Sunday Ball.


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