Fazza’s Day


A few years ago, Bill Lewkowitz and I went over to Schladming, Austria to attend a ski event we would be hosting the next year in Jackson Hole.  Prior to our trip, Bill called a friend in Munich to see if he might be able to meet up with us during our visit.  Upon checking his calendar, Bill’s friend enthusiastically accepted our invitation.

“Ziss is perfect” he said in his thick German accent.  “Zat weekend is Fazza’s Day.”

“Father’s Day?” Bill asked.  “Oh, don’t ruin your family holiday just to ski and have beers with us.”

“Vat do you mean?” Bill’s friend asked in return. “Fazza’s day is zee vun day a year, zat vee don’t

have to spend vizz our families!  Vee drink.  Vee Pah-tee.  Iss Fazza’s Day!”

The Proud Fathers of Germany

Now, I didn’t have kids at the time, but I was still able to understand the particular genius of the German take on Father’s Day.  Here in America, Father’s Day is an important family holiday, for sure, and I look forward to spending the morning with my beautiful daughter, Fiona.  And in the afternoon,

I plan to take a little “daddy-time” to enjoy Sunday Ball with my friends.  What better way to preserve my sanity on the day of our National Open?

If your wife and child ask you why you are heading out for the afternoon on Sunday, June 19th, confidently declare, “Iss Fazza’s Day!”


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